Another Career Fair Experience

By: Erin Kelly

So, today I had my first taste of the real world, and by the real world… I mean the career fair. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to attend the fair, seeing that I am only a sophomore and have a slim chance of getting an internship with one of these high profile companies; however, I figured I would take a chance. My roommate kept telling me that I needed to go in order to get practice for when I need to get an actual “big kid” job in the future, so I decided that she was right, put on my suit and heels, and hopped on the bus to the BJC.

Once I got onto the floor and began to talk to some of the representatives of the companies I had researched, I decided that this was a really good decision. The main reason is that I could get a feel for how my major of public relations fits into real world jobs, such as, working at American Eagle. My major became more than just classes to me. It immediately hit me that one day I would be able to apply everything that I am learning now and make a difference. These various representatives were proof that I one day can have a job that I love, and be able to support myself, which was very reassuring. Today wasn’t about finding an internship. It was more about boosting my confidence about the future, practicing asking questions and networking myself to various companies. I really feel that I succeeded in this goal.

Hopefully, as this year progresses, I can continue to take steps out of the box, experiencing what PR is like in the work force to a higher extent. I am more driven than ever now, knowing how hard I need to work to someday get a job that I love, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

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