Chipotle's Promotion

By: Brittany Sykes and Megan Lakatos

Today Chipotle, a Mexican Grille, was giving away free burritos and soft drinks for its opening day, which is tomorrow, September 17.  It was advertised various ways, including Facebook, where almost 3,000 people said they were attending.  The line for Chipotle, which is located right next to the Gingerbread Man on Heister Street, wrapped around the side of the building.  Although the line looked as though it would take hours to get food, it actually took more or less 30 minutes.  Upon entering the restaurant, staff of Chipotle was holding a game of Corn Hole, where participants who won received either a free t-shirt or a water bottle.  Once ordering, customers could choose which type of burrito and toppings they preferred.  The service was very fast and friendly.  The burritos were enormous, and a medium size drink came with it.  There were plenty of tables available to eat and chat with friends, and the atmosphere itself was welcoming.

The event was planned very successfully.  For the amount of people who attended, Chipotle never ran out of food.  The PR for it will unquestionably help increase the amount of customers, and everyone left stuffed and satisfied.  Because of the excellent advertising for the opening of the restaurant, many people will be back again to enjoy the great food of Chipotle.

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