Fall Career Days

By: Rory Heslin

Fall career days at the Bryce Jordan Center may be a great way for some students to get their foot in the door in their respective fields but most communications majors would have had a hard time getting their foot in that door Wednesday, in fact they’d be left out in the cold.

Although the giant banners outside Eisenhower parking deck and several other buildings around campus advertise that communications would receive close to top billing at the Jobs/Internship fair today, any ambitious, well dressed Communications major would have been hard pressed to find any booths offering anything of interest.

A majority, if not all of the booths, were oriented toward engineering, technology and marketing.  I arose from bed early this morning and started school work long before the accustomed hour in order to clear the rest of the day for the my long anticipated ‘Yellow Brick Road’ of opportunity at the BJC.  Unfortunately, I borrowed and sported my best friend’s nicest cloths and cranked my hopes up high only to meander around the vast maze of ‘anything but communications’ booths in the Center of no opportunity.

The Fall Career Days are, without a doubt, a great deal of help to most who attend and provide great opportunity for those interested in what’s there, however, the banners shouldn’t advertise “Communications” as being present at the BJC because, frankly, it wasn’t represented at all.  Maybe next year they can improve the number of Communications institutions represented at Career Days and make up for this year’s empty handed Comm majors like myself.

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