Finally Chipotle!

By: Jackie Loftus

So one my favorite Mexican restaurants opened in Happy Valley today…Chipotle!!!!  I have been saying all throughout my three years here at Penn State that this restaurant would do AMAZING here, and finally they’ve established one!  So I headed over there pretty early today and the line was wrapped around the entire building…which just proved how much college students here wanted their burritos.   And everything was free: the burritos with any combination of meats and toppings you’d like, the fountain drinks, and the bottled drinks.  And let me tell you, it was well worth the hour long line I stood in.  My favorite part besides the delicious Mexican food was the Corn (salsa) Hole game that they had going on right before you entered the restaurant.  I thought this was genius.  Penn State students are pros at tailgate games so I thought this was the perfect activity to have for us while we waited in line.  If you made a corn hole, you could receive one of several prizes…I made one so I chose the t-shirt that said…”Happier Valley,”  with the signature Chipotle burrito symbol on the back.  And I can say that I, along with many of my fellow Nittany Lions, am living in a much happier valley now.

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