Jon & Kate – We've Had Enough!

By: Alexandra Farrell and Liz Kane

Ever since rumors of their divorce began to swirl in late spring, the media has been buzzing with gossip about Jon and Kate Gosselin. The nonstop media coverage of the couple has continued even now, three months after divorce papers were filed. Topics have ranged from the future of their reality show, to Kate’s changing hairstyles, to Jon’s rendezvous with young girlfriend Hailey Glassman.  Not only is the coverage unnecessary and annoying, it hurts their eight young children, who are, in a way, responsible for the ex-couple’s new found fame and fortune. It is a questionable parenting choice that Jon and Kate subjected their young children to the media world in the first place by agreeing to participate in the TLC reality show, especially at such a young age. What is worse is the barraging intrusion of the media that has taken place at all hours since the couple decided to go their separate ways. This is not say that the couple should have stayed together, possibly subjecting the children to discord in the home, but rather, that they should have handled this situation with more maturity and discretion. Slandering your ex-husband via the international media is not a good example to set for your young children. Likewise, gallivanting around Europe with a 22 year old woman merely weeks after splitting from the mother of your children is also a very poor example.  Intriguing as some people may find the sad situation, it is exactly that – sad. It is a private matter which should be handled respectfully – both by the couple and the media – for the sake of their eight young children.

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