MTV VMA's 2009

By: Jeannette Bordeau & Kelsey Danylko

Viewers expected the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to be another typical award show filled with a few crude jokes, revealing outfits, and extravagant performances. Based on his reputation and behavior from last year’s VMAs, Russell Brand should have been the one who was slammed by the media the next day. However, the evening turned out much differently. While Taylor Swift was accepting the award for Best Female Video, the awestruck 19-year-old had the spotlight stolen from her when Kanye West invited himself on stage. Kanya stole the microphone from Taylor and proclaimed that Beyonce had the “best video of all time,” referring to the artist’s “Single Ladies” video, before he returned the mic back to the now speechless Swift. Later in the night, as Beyonce was accepting her award for Video of the Year, she gave Taylor her moment back.

Beyonce and Taylor compared easily at that moment. Beyonce recalled the moment she was first given the honor of a VMA and she remembered how much it meant to her.  The time, she was only two years younger than Swift and just as excited as her to have won. This powerful similarity is what motivated Beyonce’s compassionate action. It became almost ironic when Taylor reemerged clad in a red dress, just like Beyonce, to finally thank her fans for her award. There the two of them stood: idols to girls across the world, wearing red dresses, and accepting awards for their art.

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