Outbursts This Week

By: Jenna McCormick

This past week has seen many outbursts from Serena Williams threatening a lineswoman at the U.S. Open, to Kanye West stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift during her VMA acceptance speech to Rep. Joe Wilson called President Obama a liar on the House floor during his speech to the nation. So why is everybody “freaking out?”  To be honest I’m not sure but I do know when I was growing up I was taught never to yell anybody when I freak out, I was taught to share my toys and wait for others to finish with their turns, and I was also taught never to interrupt anybody when they are speaking. So why is it that these grown adults couldn’t seem to keep their cool and have some respect for other the person? It’s not right for them to thinks it’s okay to interrupt others and call people names. It’s not right for Serena, Kanye or Rep. Joe Wilson not to formally apologize. They might have said they were “sorry” on their websites, or blogs, or in a press conference but did they actually mean it or did they even write their own apologizes? So what happens now do we just let them all get away with it, I personally think they should be reminded of their actions for a long time to come because they shouldn’t just get away with this because all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, no matter their age, color, or even how famous they are, we are all the same.

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