Tennis Tirade

By: Michael Young

Tennis is a sport we typically view as being more high class and dignified, but after seeing Serena Williams’ outburst at the U.S. Open, this view has been shattered. From a public relations standpoint, this tantrum was a disaster. If you ask any young aspiring tennis player, especially young ladies, who they want to be like, I’ll bet a majority will say Serena and Venus Williams. It’s no lie that these two sisters are two of the most popular tennis players around. Therefore, a profanity laced tirade by Serena Williams is the last thing tennis coaches across the country need for their developing players to see because now, many will begin to think it is alright to explode when an unfavorable call is made. What is more interesting with the Serena case is the aftermath. When she was personally interviewed about the incident, she seemed very pouty and unapologetic. But then, magically, 36 hours later a formal apology was issued for the entire outburst. Public Relations needs to get a round of applause here, because it was obviously Serena’s publicist who helped her mop up this mess.  It’s not relevant whether Serena is truly sorry or not. Her actions were way out of line, and to save face among the world of professional sports, I’m glad she heeded someone’s advice behind the scenes and finally apologized for her complete courtside meltdown.

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