The Beatles Are Back!

By: Laura Anderson & Jenna Floro

Even though the Fab Four split up about forty years ago and only two of the original members remain, the Beatles once again have exploded onto the scene.  Our culture has not forgotten about this ground-breaking, revolutionary group.  Through recent marketing releases, society has proven that the Beatles’ legacy did not simply die with their generation.

Their legacy lives on through the new release of “The Beatles: Rock Band”.  Also, their record sales have increased, selling 626,000 copies in the first week of their records being digitally remastered.  Nine of Billboard’s Top 10 spots are filled with the newly released Beatles’ albums.  Walt Disney Co. announced on Sept. 11 that they will be remaking the Beatles’ movie Yellow Submarine in 3-D.  Plans are being made to turn the life of Brian Epstein, the marketing genius behind the Beatles’ success, into a biopic.

The Beatles are not only being celebrated nation-wide, but also locally at Penn State.  In the school’s 2009 library open house, there was a station for “The Beatles: Rock Band”.  The Beatles legacy has left a great impact on two generations now, and we predict many more to come.

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