What We Learned in Comm 320

By: Nicole Murray & Lindsay Flower

In this week’s lectures we have been talking about the different branches of advertising: marketing services, creative services and account service. The bulk of public relations would fall under the account services. This is the link between both companies that opens up the lines for solid communication. The account manager is in charge of collecting the general ideas of what the client would like to see in their advertising campaign and bringing it back to creative services to get the ball rolling.

Although public relations falls under the “below the line” category, in that it is not the main stream traditional media advertising, it is just as important. Customers want to feel that they have a voice in what their money is going towards and it is up to the sales team to see that their needs are met. Unfortunately, some of the most common reasons that companies lose clients tend to fall upon the shoulders of the sales team. One of the most prominent reasons is when another agency swoops in and promises the client the sun, the moon and the stars. At that point, it takes excellent PR work to repair the damage and keep the customer.

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