A New Experience

By: Erin Kelly

This week, I am getting ready to cover my first event for my newswriting class. Even better than this being my first event is the fact that it is during Homecoming at Penn State, which is a very exciting time here. I am assigned to go the Lion Shrine with a student photographer and interview a family who is visiting the notorious landmark and discover their connection to Penn State. I know that as PR student this is not typically what I will be assigned to do when I obtain an actual job in the future, but it will prepare me for the process of interviewing people and getting the necessary facts for the public. I am a little nervous about going up to strangers and asking them questions, but I think that here at Penn State everyone is always willing to explain their love for the university and reasons for visiting. I know that I will have my fair share of families to choose from, seeing that Homecoming draws in thousands of family members and alumni, who are all coming here to celebrate in this awesome tradition. Hopefully this experience makes me more comfortable in dealing with strangers and the public in general, seeing that this is going to eventually be my career.

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