Happy Valley Communications Will Be Making a Difference

By:  Brittany Sykes

As a new member of Happy Valley Communications, I am ecstatic to begin getting the experience of my major, Public Relations.  I was so happy to be chosen to be interviewed and to then be a part of the new student run PR firm at Penn State.  After learning what it would entail, I know that it was a great decision to apply for HVC.   After attending two meetings, one that was a general meeting and one that was a meeting with my fellow account associates and account executives for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), I am ready to meet new people and to get ready for a great experience.  The other account associates and I will be rotating around and getting all of the different types of experiences in the different aspects of Public Relations from flyers to news releases to simple tasks such as reserving rooms.  I have already made a flyer in Photoshop for the Freedom Dinner coming up on November 8.  Who knows what will be up next on the agenda to help get the word out about the NAACP?

I think it is fantastic that there is a student-run PR firm now on campus.  With the amount of organizations and the lack of communication to get the word out about the organizations, HVC will truly be making an impact for many clients and potential clients.  Many students are eager to get experience in the Public Relations field, and with the newly formed firm, more experience will be appearing.

It will be a busy year, but I know in the end it will be worth it.

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