Metal at Penn State

By Rory Heslin

“Metal Up Your Ass” may be the classic title to one of Metallica’s early demo tapes but it’s safe to say that State College doesn’t  have much up theirs…And yes, it’s a problem, at least for metal fans like me.

Now I enjoy all kinds of music but there’s just nothing quite like rocking your face off in front of a great metal band looking to crush your ear drums into a fine dust.  Nothing relieves the stress of the weeks up here like having a few cold beverages and hurling yourself onto a bed of red hot power cords and there just isn’t enough opportunity to do such a thing.

Every fourth Tuesday of every month the The Brewery on Beaver Avenue hosts Metal Night, which is insanely awesome but shows like this ought to happen more often up here.  Metal Night often features local metal bands which is equally as sick but it would be great to see outside acts come in as well.  Clutch is a great hard rock/metal band based out of Maryland that and has to be one of my favorite bands of all time.  Although they made an appearance on Vivia La Bam, they are still a small enough operation to be lured up to State College.  That show would rock!

There are other smaller heavy bands such as Red Fang, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and Viking Skull (with Jess Margera on drums) just to name a few, that would probably come and rage at State College if some effort would be put into get them here.  The fan base may not rival Jay-Z or the venue he commands but metal fans are loyal and they’ll rock anybody right out of the house.

Bring more metal to State College, and stick it right where the sun don’t shine!

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