Penn State Pride

By Stephanie Sones

Going to Penn State football games was the highlight of my week ever since my freshman year at University Park.  It was always exciting seeing how passionate students and alumni were about Penn State.  It seemed like everyone came together, no matter what their background. After three years of enjoying the games and feeling proud of my University each time I made the trek up to Beaver Stadium, something has changed.

Apparently, along with the ability to make it into the S-Zone, being able to sit in the Senior section makes people malicious.  After already being settled in my designated seats where my friends and I were told to sit, I have been yelled at and shoved out of my seats by people who have blocked them off and arrived an hour after the game had begun.  Twice my friends and I have been forced to move to seats farther away just so we wouldn’t have to get in fights with people who are supposed to be our peers and friends.

Whether it is the new ticket system or just peoples’ attitudes, something has to change.  This is supposed to be a fun experience with “110,000 of my friends,” but many seniors are out to make sure that isn’t true.

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