PR and Women's Studies

By Brittany Greff

As public relations is a female-dominated field, I believe that it would benefit a lot of practitioners to take a women’s studies class before leaving college. I am taking Women’s Studies 001 this semester and I couldn’t be happier. Taught by the fabulous Melina Czymoniewicz-Klippel, the class is an introduction to the disciplines of women’s studies and the practices of feminism. Like the field of public relations, this class is primarily female, with a few males scattered in between. The class requires weekly Angel posts, debates, film reviews, and a final term paper, but the knowledge gained is well worth the work. The class is extremely interactive, taught in a relaxed atmosphere. Professor Klippel stimulates thinking while asking her students to go beyond individual experiences and to consider ideas from a societal perspective. She keeps the class up to date by including current policies and events into class material. This past week, the class has been discussing working mothers and maternity leave. The issues that we are debating are important for women who enter the workforce with dreams of not only pursuing a full time job,  but also taking time to raise a family. From family planning to day-to-day life, we have investigated it all. The class puts into perspective a lot of critical issues that are often overlooked when applying to jobs. Because of what I have learned this past week, I now have a new found respect for working mothers and I know what to look for in a company when applying for a job. If one week has changed my views, imagine what a whole semester can do! Professor Klippel doesn’t force any issues on her students, she simply wants her students to view the world more critically. Other topics discussed include media influence on advertising, childbirth, domestic violence, and many issues in global context. Trust me, you don’t need to be a die-heart feminist to take this class. I recommend this class to all students, specifically public relations majors. If nothing else, this class will give you something intellectual to communicate about!

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