Apartment Scavenger Hunt Has Begun

By Jackie Loftus

Students all throughout State College have been on the hunt for apartments to live in for next school year.  Everyone is searching for roommates, the best deals, the best locations, and more.  Hundreds of students camped out overnight in the freezing cold at the beginning of October just to be close to the front of the line when rental applications were dispersed.

Students are driving themselves crazy over this hunt.  And, for what?  Don’t we have enough stress on our lives as it is up here?  Don’t we have tests, quizzes and classes that deserve our focus?  I mean, this school year just started a month and a half ago and we’re already expected to know what we want our living arrangements to be like for NEXT year.

For students who already live in an apartment and are considering renewing a lease, who’s to say they’ll even want to live with the same people come next fall?  What happened to meeting new people and making new friends?  These people can’t even be taken into consideration for roommates at this point.

The scavenger hunt for apartment occurs too early in the school year.  Students need to be given some time to settle in, time to readjust to the environment and to the routine of classes and studying and time to meet new people.  Students need to focus on what is important right now and not about what will be a year from now.  And the realtors and the university need to understand that.

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