Social Media: The Future of PR

By: Jenna McCormick

This past Monday I attended the Social Media workshop held by PRSSA, and I have to admit when I think of social media I think of the Internet.  However, I didn’t know that social media is future of PR; these days companies have blogs, twitter and even Facebook just to name a few.  On Monday I learned how to write a blog, how to use twitter and most importantly that it’s all about the conversation.

At the workshop I learned that it is very important to have a twitter and blog, companies these days want to know that you can use all of these social networks. Companies pay people to start a Facebook for them and to just update their Twitter. Talk about a cool job. I have to admit I’m new to all of this, but all these social networks will help you in the future and I hope if I keep at it I get better. If you write a blog daily and keep up with a Twitter, you might just have the edge over someone else for the certain job or even an internship.

I feel it is very important to know all about social media because its more than just putting pictures up on Facebook, it’s knowing that your connected to the outside world though the internet.  This was a great workshop and I learned a lot more than I actually thought I would. You should start a blog …if you haven’t already. It might be good for you.

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