By:  Alexandra P. Moyle

Last Thursday, 10 representatives from Penn State arrived at the PRSSA National Conference in San Diego with spirit.  The group of students included PRSSA Executive Board, PRSSA Committee Chairs and PRSSA Active Members.  During ‘role call,’ the first meeting of the conference, Penn State showed everyone what real spirit looked like. Once our school was called we put Penn State football jerseys over our professional outfits and grabbed pompoms. Penn State PRSSA Chapter President, Dana Bubonovich, drummed on a cowbell. With smiles on our faces and pride for our school, we won the hearts of all the attendees who clapped along to the beat.

A few days after roll call, the PRSSA National Committee announced the, ‘Pacesetter’s Award,’ for enthusiasm and spirit. Fellow PRSSA Chapter Presidents present at the conference voted on the award which was presented at the departing breakfast and we WON! Penn State’s PRSSA Chapter has won the ‘Pacesetter Award,’ at the PRSSA National Conference. It is an honor that reflects on our entire chapter and shows our passion for our future profession.

One thought on “WE ARE … PACESETTERS

  1. The Pacesetter Award is not new — unless this is a new iteration of the award that they announce each year. We’ve tried year after year to win it, to no avail. But you guys finally did it! Congratulations on the win!!!! 🙂

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