Employee Relations: Channeling the Message from the Inside Out

By: Laura Peck

When working for a company, you want to win in the marketplace, the workplace and the community. Valuing your people and loving where you work can help you reach this goal. If you have happy employees, things will run more smoothly and efficiently. And every employee will turn into an ambassador for your company.

To gain happy employees you have to engage, inform and be open and live the mission within every aspect of your company. This includes educating them about the products and company. If your company is attempting to promote the wellness of the product than you have to promote good wellness to your employees. This could be a day where everyone can get his or her blood pressure checked in the staff lounge or lobby.

Informing employees could include newsletters, letters from the CEO, staff forums and/or TV programs produced to tell what’s going on around the company. Some companies even have intergraded employee-only Web sites, where they can access company information and resources.

As a leader or a consultant to a leader within the company, you have to be open and approachable. You don’t want your employees to be afraid to talk to you about issues, which can lead to preventing a crisis issue. This friendly nature can be attained by something as simple as printing out letters and signing them with a personal message of thanks or encouragement.

By living the mission, you encourage employees to do the same. This could be partaking in community outreach projects and showing that you walk the walk along with talking the talk.

Above all when planning things for employees make sure they are cheap and cheerful. Making things fun will encourage people to want to come to work everyday.

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