A Lesson Learned for PRSSA President

By Dana Bubonovich

At the 2009 PRSSA National Conference, vice president Jessi Janiec and I attended a President/Vice President workshop with other Chapter presidents and VP’s. I always find these discussions to be the most beneficial to our Chapter because I can learn what other Chapter’s are doing to successfully increase membership and experience within PRSSA.

The one thing Jessi and I talked about is how to get more involved with our PRSA Chapter. Other Chapter presidents suggested attending monthly luncheons and attending PRSA events. These are good ways to gain professional development experience and network with professionals.

We were also able to brainstorm workshop ideas and volunteer activities that we could implement next semester. Some of these ideas include a CSS/Dreamweaver workshop, an e-portfolio workshop, an interviewing and internship panel, and more intermediate Adobe workshops. We are also trying to help the environment more with spring clean-ups and Earth Day activities in April.

Other ideas that were thrown out include a mentorship program between Juniors/Seniors and Sophomors/Juniors and a networking social.

So make sure to stay involved next semester because we are going to start to implement these ideas and offer more professional development workshops that are crucial in any public relations career.


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