Regional Activity 101

By Dana Bubonovich

Last spring, I attended my very first PRSSA Regional Activity at Westminster College. Since then, I was determined that Penn State will host a regional activity in the next two years. While we weren’t able to submit a bid this year, I learned a few valuable tools for next year.

First off, what is a regional activity? It is a mini-conference supplement to the National Conference. Normally, universities either hold these Regional Activities for one day or for a weekend. They consist of workshops, career fairs, panels, networking socials, gency tours, forums, etiquette dinners, and more.

Most PRSSA Chapters submit bids mid-September to host a Regional Activity that following spring. But these activities take a lot of preparation, planning, and dedication.

Normally, there is an overall activity coordinator, but several subcommittees can be created to lessen the workload on everyone. Committees such as a logistics chair, speaker chair, program chair, promotions chair and sponsorship chair are key to any Regional Activity’s success.

When you submit a bid here are few things to consider:

  • What is your theme to your event?
  • What type of speakers would you have?
  • When would you hold your event?
  • Where will it be held?
  • Will it be a one-day or weekend-event?
  • What about food?
  • What about your budget?
  • What about registration? Will there be on-site? How about will it cost for PRSSA students versus non-PRSSA?


As always, make sure the bid is well-written in AP style and uses the PRSSA and graphics stylebook. So pay attention in Comm260W because your AP stylebook will become your best friend.

While Penn State isn’t holding a regional activity in the spring, Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and Drexel University in Philadelphia are hosting Regional Activities in the spring. Once our Chapter finds out dates, we will be sure to let everyone know so members can attend these National activities and gain valuable knowledge in the field of public relations.

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