The Greener Side of PR

By Dana Bubonovich

With raising gas prices and global warming looming in our future, companies are looking to greener and alternative technologies to combat these issues. But how will the world know of these life-changing technologies?

Environmental public relations is one of the most crucial fields of PR in today’s society. It deals with the past, present, and the future. If you are involved in environmental PR, you are helping to create a better future. That is what Jana Hartline and Amy Taylor at Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) is doing.

They are members of the communications and public relations team for TMS and they thrive on environmental PR.  Being involved in TMS is very much like working inhouse. They work on everything from social media to diversity to production and media relations to corporate communications.

With the green trend and “going green” fad increasing throughout the world, the issues of greenwashing is a PR person’s biggest nightmare. So what is greenwashing? Greenwashing is the practice that companies “spin” their products as eco-friendly, even though they may not be. So cutting costs or saying a product is from recycled materials, these are examples of greenwashing.

This is the cardinal rule of PR: do not lie about your product. And since the “going green” lifestyle is growing and growing fast, many companies are lying about their products just to jump on the bandwagon. So be upfront about your products and environmental issues to your publics. Word-of-mouth is the strongest form of communication and when an environmentalist finds out a product isn’t green, well, your company just lost a lost of business.

In the next few decades, environmental PR will continue to grow. Just remember that if you want to go into this field of PR, stay ethical. In the meantime, check out some environmental blogs:,, and

Stay green PRSSA!

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