Public Relations and JoePa's Glasses

By Michelle Tortorella

I was happily surprised this morning when I saw that the Associated Press ran a press release that my Boss was promoting for my interniship at WPSU. It’s funny, because no one was suppose to know about it yet. The story, that has been picked- up by almost every newspaper in Pennsylvania, was highlighing a signed pair a Joe Paterno’s glasses that will be up for auction for the first time in college football history. I spent a good majority of my morning, riffling through webpages in search of articles or weblinks that featured the story. I was shocked to see that it was everywhere.  USA Today, ESPN, Philadelphia Tribune, The Times Leader, and a number of random blog posts. I believe it was even posted on twitter by journalists and excited Penn State fans. The power of Twitter is a force not to be reckoned with. I learned that even the smallest post about an item thought to be somewhat newsworthy would generate so much hype. So, thank you twitter as well as facebook for making our work newsworthy.

2 thoughts on “Public Relations and JoePa's Glasses

  1. Wow. That is amazing that is was your news release! Definitely put that in your portfolio and keep all of the press clippings. Amazing work!

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