THON and Health Go Hand-In-Hand

By: Kendra Ullman

With THON coming up, most people can’t wait to get on that dance
floor, but with the crowded space, lack of sleep, and children
present, certain precautions must be taken.  All those involved in
this event are being encouraged to get the HINI vaccine as well as the
seasonal flu vaccine.  Health officials encourage students to get the
vaccines as soon as possible because they can take up to several weeks
to become the most efficient.  Some of these children cannot be
exposed to the flu due to their weakened immune systems, and those
involved in THON must take responsibility to protect them.  If anyone
is diagnosed with the flu, they will not be permitted to enter the
Bryce Jordan Center where the event is being held.  An outbreak cannot
be predicted at this time, so all measures of security must be taken.
With health as the top priority, THON should be a successful and
rewarding event, as it has been every year in the past.

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