Goodbye GenEds, Hello Sports PR

By Erin Kelly

As spring semester drew closer, I became more and more excited for my new classes to begin. I would finally be taking classes that actually pertain to my major of Public Relations. I never thought this day would come, seeing that I have been taking endless amounts of general education classes since freshman year.

My favorite class thus far has to be my sports industry class. I plan to work in the sports field when I graduate, so I was anxious to find out what the field is all about, and I have yet to be disappointed.

From the first day of class, we have been talking about the history of sports, and how they came to be, which I find to be really interesting. We are also beginning to learn the different aspects of a sports venue and what it takes to promote a certain sport, especially when sales are down. I never knew that there were so many techniques for selling tickets or driving up a profit. I know there is so much more I do not know and I cannot wait to learn.

Since I know how much this class interests me, I am confident that I do in fact want to work in the sports field when I graduate, helping to promote and build reputations for a sports team of my choice.

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