iPad: Worth the Hype?

By: Kat Wilchek

Today, Steve Jobs and Apple unveiled the newest and snazziest member of the Apple product family – a tabled-sized wonder named the iPad. Sporting a 10 inch display, super slim design, and lightning fast processing, iPad is, as Jobs refers, “our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device.” To me, the use of the word magical is a bit presumptuous, but let’s roll with it. iPad is literally a super-sized iPhone, minus the phone and multi-tasking capabilities. It allows you to “hold the internet in your hands” and type on a computer-size touch screen keyboard. iPad is looking to be a main competitor to the Amazon Kindle as an electronic reader, due to Apple’s new iBook app. Priced beginning at $499, iPad looks and feels right, however, it has a couple major flaws. Although you will be able to surf the web and view videos like never before, you won’t be able to have your favorite Pandora station playing in the background or take a quick photo of that funny squirrel you saw while walking past the HUB. But, let’s face it. It’s a new Apple product. Hipster kids and the tech-savvy nationwide are already rejoicing. The iPad, coming soon to your local coffee shop.

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