COMM 401

By Cait Kelly

A few weeks ago I started a whole new set of classes ranging from Ancient Mythology to The Introduction to Acting. In the middle of this variety falls the normal bundle of communications classes that I take every semester. Of the few that I chose for this semester, the most intriguing has been Comm 401, with Katie. She is an amazing teacher and I have never met someone so enthused about history. I did not know the severity of the history involved when I signed up for the class, to be honest it just fit very nicely into my schedule, but with someone like her teaching it makes a world of difference. We have already covered two centuries of media and she presents the material in power point slides so you can fill in the blank after class if at all necessary. Teaching a history class must be hard enough and not many people have the energy like Katie O’Toole does, so I would say if you have the chance to take it with her, please do!

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