Ethical News Coverage

By Laura Anderson

Ever since the earthquake struck Haiti several weeks ago, many celebrities have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness, donate money and even visit the area. The reporters at CNN have been reporting from Haiti since week one. Sanjay Gupta, a well known doctor and now reporter for CNN, has been staying in Haiti to report. However, he also actively treats victims of the earthquake while reporting, which is then caught on film and played on CNN. Same goes for Anderson Cooper, popular anchor and journalist, whose images of taking a young boy to safety after being hit in the head. Does this cross a line when it comes to unbiased reporting?

While most of us can agree that helping people in any way is important, we can argue that taping and playing it on CNN as news may not be “ethical.” It is a debate that many people in the industry have thought about, particularly in times of tragedy. Personally, I like seeing images of the reporters helping out, but that might be simply because it makes great TV.

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