Apple iPad

By Liz Kane

At approximately $500, the newest addition to the Apple family is the Apple iPad, which is a portable tablet computer.  It is slightly larger than the iPhone, with its touch-screen display at 9 inches.  The new toy is supposed to replicate mini-laptop complete with Wi-Fi capabilities, and other common computer functions.  Unfortunately it is not 3G compatable yet, nor does it have a built in camera.  Some skeptics say this is nothing more than a larger iPod touch, with applications and easy access to surf the internet.  Its interface is the same: slide to look at pictures, click and drag to zoom in, and a one touch click.  It does not have the TV subscription people were hoping for, nor is it on the Verizon network yet.  The iPad is a handy tool to use on the go, but some might say it isn’t practical for work related things, such as typing a long e-mail or other document.  Apple is once again the first in its innovations, yet it seems relitavely the same as its other products.

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