COMM 471

By Matt Canella

I have recently started Comm 471 with Cindy Hall and am very impressed with the workload and work pace thus far.  She seems very fair and seems to want to teach rather than grade harshly.  We always work in groups and have the same groups throughout the semester.  This is helpful because it allows us to build relationships with group members, and make sure everyone is doing his/her part.  Also she is confident that we will finish all projects in-class.  Who can complain about no homework?

As a PR major, some teachers seem to grill you and really make life tough with overbearing assignments and demanding grading.  So far Cindy Hall has been very fair easy going.  She wants us to leave with a better understanding of the PR field, and be able to recreate these assignments in the real world.

If you are a PR major who will soon have to take Comm 471, you should consider Cindy Hall.  I know personally the groans from my friends who have taken other professors for this class, and hopefully she can make your life a little easier when taking these upper-level classes.

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