Even in LA, Kiffin Strives for Publicity

By Mike Tongue

Lane Kiffin has had an interesting four years. Whether it was his epic failure as the head coach of the Raiders or his short 13 month tenure at Tennessee, Kiffin has made headlines.  None of these headlines though, were as shocking as when he was hired as the head coach of USC.

While Kiffin does have prior experience coaching the men of Troy, its not exactly like he’s been known for his game day coaching abilities. Because of this, many were surprised by this move. Still, the 34 yr old had just been given the keys to one of the best coaching jobs in the country. Many expected his outlandish behavior would subside now that he was the man in LA.

But as though who have followed him know, Kiffin likes to stay in the spotlight. This is the man who called out Urban Meyer, yes folks, Urbran Meyer, the best coach in the country for a recruiting violation that did not exist.  Kiffin then continue on to commit 12 secondary violations in his 13 months at UT.

As a fan of psu, I find this ridiculous, but I can see why Kiffin did the things he did. He used the old rule any  publicity is good publicity, even if it’s bad.  It worked, Tennessee was in the spotlight more than it had been since it won the National championship in 1998. He had one of the nation’s top recruiting classes in place before he left for Los Angles

So flash forward to early January, Kiffin who had already convinced all of Pete Carroll’s verbal commitments to stay committed to the Trojans, once again calls out Urban. This time, it had to do with Meyer’s criticized retirement, leave of absence fiasco. He said that Urban was levying Lee Corso’s spot on College Gameday.

While I understand why kiffin did this kind of stuff at UT, I was surprised to see this now. But once again, people are talking about kiffin. Its good pub. I give the guy credit, it was Championship week in the NFL and people are talking about LA’s team, the Trojans.  This is a hard thing to do and I do give kiffin credit despite disliking his motives.

Ill leave it at this, 2 things I know

  1. Kiffin will continue this
  2. I don’t want to be USC PR director

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