Internship Hunt

By Natalie Giuffrida

So, it’s the third week of classes and the last semester of my Junior year. I’m taking five classes this semester: Comm471, Soc119, Psych445, Psych476, and Geo124. They all seem pretty interesting so far, but definitely a lot of work. I’m minoring in Psychology, not really sure why, so I’m taking my last two 400-level classes for that. My only PR class this semester, Comm471, seems very informative and I feel like I am going to learn a lot from my professor.
I’m actually really confused with life right now. I haven’t had an internship yet, and being a Junior I feel like I should have had at least one. I applied to about twenty for the Spring semester but only had one interview. I didn’t get hired for that one so once again I’m internship-less. I’ve been searching for a Summer internship for the last month and have applied to numerous companies. It’s getting really frustrating and I’m starting to lose hope. I feel like my resume just isn’t that good. I’m involved in PRSSA and with other things like THON and Whiplash dance organization. I’m always busy and trying to get more involved with things but I feel like it is never going to be enough. When I hear of people who already have had two or three internships, it definitely discourages me. Maybe I should have been looking into this last year, but to be honest, I thought I had more time. I know some of my friends feel the same way as I do, but people in some of my classes seem to have it all together.
I’m going to keep searching and applying for internships for this upcoming Summer. My goal is to land an internship with some fashion or PR company. Wish me luck!

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