By Dianna Rubino

As everyone knows, this past weekend was THON.  I attended THON on Friday evening and Saturday during the day for several hours.  I was involved in raising money for Women in Business this semester but I really went to support one of my very close friend’s older brother who was a dancer this year for his fraternity TKE.  I have to start by saying that it was an absolute incredible experience.  I always knew what a big deal THON was to Penn State students and the community but I never realized why until I saw for myself.   It opened my eyes to so many things, to how kind people can be, and how other people in the world have real problems, like having a child with pediatric cancer.  Attending this event made me realize that helping other people that are less fortunate than you has to be the most rewarding experience in the world.  I am so sure that next year I am going to be 100 times more involved than I was this year.  I want to make more of a difference and I want to be able to say that I was a part of such an amazing thing.  Next year I will work with PRSSA, Women in Business, and maybe even another THON committee to help plan THON, and raise money for it.  I cannot wait to start helping.

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