An Olympics Fanatic

By: Jillian Harding

I am an Olympics fanatic. For the past two weeks, I have been scrutinizing the TV listings searching for the times of figure skating, moguls, and the less- publicized ice-dancing and curling. I have to admit, half of my interest in the sports events lies in what the athletes will wear, it also genuinely interests me how much positive press the athletes garner for their countries, especially when they do well. Evan Lysacek, who won the gold medal in men’s figure skating, is the perfect example. His nail-biting win over the Russian competitor, Evgeni Plushenko was a fantastic moment for U.S. pride, not to mention for Lysacek’s career. Not only does fantastic athletic representation put the competitors’ countries in a great light, but you cannot help but get a wonderful feeling when athletes like this really bring their A-game to the Olympic Games. And while I loved watching the victory of Hannah Kearney as she took the gold for the U.S. in mogul skiing, I must admit, I was equally excited to see what the ice-dancers would bring to the fashion plate almost a week later.

One thought on “An Olympics Fanatic

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