How Incredible a Four Diamonds Child Must Feel During THON Weekend

By: Brittany Sykes

After being “awake” and standing for 46 hours at THON this past weekend, I was able to see how much support the 4 Diamonds children actually had.  I know that they always get toys, such as water guns, and run around the Bryce Jordan Center squirting anyone in sight and they get to play with the “big kids,” but this past weekend I actually got to see something that most children do not get to experience.

Take Tucker Haas for example.  A 5-year-old got up on stage in front of thousands of people and sang “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas.  After getting each lyric right from the song and being right on beat, the crowd roared and cheered for him.  He must have felt like a star for those few minutes.  What other child, minus the very young singers get to hear that sort of support?

Another time there was a little boy in a break dancing competition with a student.  Of course the little boy won, but the circle around him was so moving and after he won the competition, he was thrown up into the air.

These children have the most stressful days out of any of us and it is so nice to see that for three days each year, they are the most famous children in the eyes of Penn State fans from all over the country.

The $7,838,054.36 raised this past year for THON 2010 will be allowing these children to be able to go on and pursue their dreams.  These kids are so talented and it’s so nice to see the amount of love they have behind them.  Love truly does belong at Penn State.

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