Celebrities on Twitter

By: Laura Anderson

Celebrities on Twitter is not exactly a new phenomenon anymore. Ever since Twitter became a mainstay in the social networking world, celebrities have been using Twitter to connect with fans and promote themselves. Lately, fans have been realizing more and more that the celebrities they follow are using their public profile as a way to promote products, with the Kardashians being a prime example. Kim has used her account to promote things, such as the case when Kim tweeted about buying a pair of shoes that she never ended up buying. She was being paid by the shoe company to promote the product.

There are some celebrities who appear to genuinely use twitter themselves. Either that or they have really good PR people who pretend to be that famous person. It helps those individuals with lagging careers or without a new show, album or movie to promote to stay relevant in Hollywood.

Conan O’Brien, just coming off the controversy at NBC, just created a twitter account today, and one hour after creating the account he already has over 40,000 followers! Only time will tell if this will help sustain his career as has a prominent figure television to the Twitter generation.

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