By: Megan Lakatos

A lot has been going on in my Comm 473 class as mentioned before in my last entry.  Not only am I working with a group for the Hope For Kids campaign, but our professor gave us another client to help out.  MOST stands for Mothers of Super Twins and is the leading national non-profit in aiding higher-order multiple births.  They are coming out with a book, “Expecting Multiples: A Comprehensive Guide” which gives the reader all the information ever needed about higher-order multiple pregnancies.   The book is written by doctors and other people who are experts in the pregnancy of multiples.

Our class has been given the task to promote the book as well as we can before its debut on Amazon.  The class has been broken up into groups of two to conduct research from all different angles and brainstorm goals and objectives and multiple creative tactics to reach the objectives.  After our proposal had been submitted, our teacher looked over each one and picked the best tactics to include lead us in the right direction of promoting the book.

We are all really excited to do the best we can to help MOST promote their book and are sure that it will be a great experience for us future PR graduates.

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