THON For the Kids

By: Taylor Popple

This weekend I participated in the Penn State Dance MaraTHON. It wasn’t anything new to me since I had previously been to a couple THON’s before. However, I discovered my new passion for the dancers, and I loved the dedication they gave for children with pediatric cancer. For the past years I was involved with canning on the streets, the rules and regulations committee, and always cheering in the stands at the Bryce Jordan Center, but I have never been totally connected to THON like the dancers experienced. I’ve always respected them and supported them, yet I never put myself in their shoes. I never took the time to feel the passion that students give during these 46 hours. It took holding the hands of 3 dancers in my organization while they almost cried as they put their feet into a bucket of freezing cold water. I could just see the pain they were going through. I could feel their feet wanting to just sit down, but they never gave up! They continued to stand for 12 hours longer.

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