The PR of State Patty's

By: Stephanie Williams

State Patty’s Day is an annual holiday for many students. It involves day long parties, long lines to get a green beer, and streets crowded with celebrating students. Although many students like the take the day to have fun and de-stress from the spring semester, it causes many problems for the Penn State Administration and the State College Community.

Penn State was recently named the number one party school in the nation, and students are very proud of the fact and enjoy living up to the reputation. However, the president of the university has to do extra work to combat this reputation and show that Penn State has many things to offer other then wild parties.

State Patty’s Day does not help Graham Spanier combat the poor image Penn State has for being the number one party school in the nation. It makes his life more difficult because as he is actively showing off the great parts of the university, the students are going out and inventing their own day long drinking holidays.

Another problem also arises within the community during State Patty’s Day. All units of the police will be out patrolling the streets, and it has been rumored that there will be more out than on a football weekend. Because of this, many State College residents will not receive help from the police as quickly. It has also been a problem in the past that a resident has a medical emergency but cannot be transported to the hospital because all of the ambulances are transporting intoxicated students.

So before you celebrate State Patty’s Day, think about what the holiday shows about Penn State and the importance of maintaining a good image nationally and within the State College community.

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