By Ally Staszesky
THON!  My brother was a dancer for TKE and I couldn’t be more proud of the effort and work he and everyone involved put it. To support him I was at THON almost 3/4 of the time and I truly don’t know how he did it because by the end of it I myself was a little delusional.
Being at the BJC among so many people who are so dedicated and devoted to such an amazing cause is so inspiring. Last year I was not very involved in THON but this year through WIB I went canning, participated in the 5k and did various activities for our family. Now after spending almost my entire weekend at THON I am so grateful to go to such an amazing school. Just thinking about the passion and hard work involved makes me ecstatic.
Being on the floor with my brother through his highs and lows of dancing really brought the experience to life. I’ve always thought I wanted to study abroad and was making arrangements to go to Barcelona but now I’m having second thoughts simply because of THON and my desire to get even more involved than I was this year.
Congratulations to everyone for such a successful weekend!

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