Twitter Talk

By: Amy Eichenlaub

About a year ago, I signed up for a Twitter account because a speaker I heard said that they’re beneficial for the PR field and social networking. So, I did. And my account sat in cyberspace for weeks on end, because I found the idea of telling people where I was or what I was doing every minute to be a bit overkill. But a few weeks ago, my Comm. 473 professor lectured on social media and Twitter once again, so I decided to dig out the long-forgotten user name and password and give tweeting another shot.

Now that Twitter has grown, many more of my friends and companies that I care about have gotten accounts. I found my “following” list growing, and my followers have jumped as well. I still don’t tweet that often, but I’ve found Twitter to be a great way to stay immediately informed about things. I get tweets about breaking news and fun food facts, but my favorite at the moment is “Freenology”— a page that gives followers links to free samples of almost everything.  Any day now, my free Lemonheads, Burt’s Bees toothpaste and nail polish should be coming in the mail.

So, if you’re deciding to tweet or not to tweet, follow the flock and Twitter away—your future employer will probably be glad you did.

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