THON & Twitter

By Jeannette Bordeau

This year marked a major breakthrough in the publicity department for THON. On Friday January 29, 2010 Khloe Kardashian gave attention to Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon in a tweet on Twitter. Even though THON is the largest student-run philianthropy in the world, it has yet to reach the level of majorly publicized non-profit organizations. Kardashian’s status update Twitter is a powerful step towards spreading nationwide—or even worldwide awareness for THON. More coverage means more money for THON and less families who have to worry about the finances for their children with cancer.

After hearing how influential her tweets were, Kardashian posted a blog about her reaction, which also publicized THON. Kardashian said she was happy to help spread the word about THON, while giving recognition to everyone else involved in the cause. Kardashian said, “It wasn’t just me who did this, it was all of YOU who took the time to go to THON’s website, learn more about the cause and donate.”  These humble words from a celebrity give a nice pat on the back to all the students and donors involved in THON. After recognizing the hard-working Penn State students, she gave a brief synopsis of THON. Kardashian informed that THON raised $61 million in the past 35 years. The celebrity’s blog helped to raise that figure by asking people to donate; “Every penny helps,” she said.

After receiving attention from a celebrity, THON now has immense potential to grow publicly. Kardashian said, “I hope someday soon it gets the worldwide credit and attention it deserves.” This hopeful wish from a celebrity contributes greatly to raising money for THON to fight pediatric cancer.

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