Tips for Interview Success

By: Alexandra Farrell

Last week I attended the Interview Workshop sponsored by PRSSA and hosted by Holly Temple of Penn State Career Services. I have been on a couple of interviews before, but have always been somewhat uncomfortable about the process. This workshop simplified the interview process for me and broke it down into easy to follow steps and ideas for preparation.

The most interesting and helpful advice that I received from the workshop was about how to prepare for behaviorally based questions during an interview. Today, interviewers are shifting more towards these types of questions, which require specific answers that demonstrate your skill and experience. It is important to think about how you would answer a question such as, “Tell me about a time when you showed leadership skills in the face of a difficult situation?” If you do not prepare examples of your experience in these situations, the actual interview can be difficult and even embarrassing. After hearing about the importance of these types of questions, I will not go into an interview without preparing possible answers to these questions.

Temple also provided a lot of information about the extensive resources that are provided for Penn State students at The Career Center. From mock interviews, to resume reviews, there are many free opportunities available. A lot of students, like myself, have not taken advantage of these resources. Now that I am more familiar with the importance of giving a good interview, I will definitely be utilizing The Career Center before interviewing with a potential employer.

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