Happy Valley Communications Final All-Firm Meeting

By: Kendra Ullman

Happy Valley Communications, Penn State’s first student-run public relations firm, had their final all-firm meeting tonight April 11 at 5p.m.  The event began with a short reception followed by a welcome and overview of the firm’s achievements by the directors.  Each separate group gave a report on their work with each client throughout the entire year.  The clients were Sleep Phones, Nittany Quill, PAWS/Legal Affairs, Vole, Out of the Darkness, and EcoCAR. Everyone did a wonderful job and had great things to show!

A panel of professionals gave each group constructive feedback regarding their client work, compliments for the best aspects of their campaign, and things they can improve upon in the future.  These panelists included Linda Feltman, Judy Richardson, and Bianca Barr. The event finished with an awards ceremony where all associates received active member certificates and certain members received special recognition for their hard work and dedication to the firm.

Happy Valley Communications was a great experience overall, and I look forward to future classes continuing this student-run firm.  With such incredible accomplishments in its first year, the possibilities for future growth and success are endless!

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