Interview Process

By: Matt Cannella

I felt the information we received in our PRSSA meetings was very helpful in our process of applying to internships and jobs.  I have applied to many internships and have had one interview for an internship and an interview for another internship coming up in a week.

I am very confident my interview went well as I utilized some of the tips we learned about in the meeting.  I was very confident and outspoken and did not fumble with my words at all.  I was able to give good specific instances where I accomplished something or turned a bad situation around.  And finally, when asked about my weaknesses, I used an anecdote to take a situation where I was weak, and then improved to make it strength.

These tips are very valuable and I have seen first-hand how they can improve your interviews drastically.  My interviewer seemed very impressed at my performance, and I feel that by having a strong interview it might put me ahead of someone with a slightly stronger resume.

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