Opening My Eyes to the Future

By: Dianna Rubino

When I was home this past spring break, I spoke to my cousin’s girlfriend about her new job that she recently started this past year in NYC.  She works on the PR and advertising team for a pharmaceutical company.  I was asking her questions about her job, things that she likes about it and things that she doesn’t.  She explained to me how lucky she was to have gotten a job in a health related field; because of the poor economy, many of her friends from college weren’t as fortunate as she was and didn’t get to keep their jobs.  She made me even more interested in this type of career because she said she loved working with creative people (the advertising aspect) and she loves to write (the PR aspect).  She said she is the middle man between her company and the advertisers who actually come up with the ad ideas and she told me how she loved meeting with such interesting people and hearing their crazy ideas.  This opened my eyes to new ideas and made me think that maybe one day I would want to work in NYC at a big company, hopefully doing something in advertising or PR.

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