By Lauren Grimes

This semester I’m taking INART116- The History of Rock n’ Roll.  It’s a very interesting class, although I will admit that I don’t actually do the reading until the day of the quizzes.  The class is online which is both a negative and a positive thing; I have one less class to go to but I also have to make sure that I stay on top of the work I have to do.  When I was told about the directions of this blog, I tried to think of anything going on in my life that related to some PR topic and my most recent INART116 paper popped into my head.  The subject: Cover Songs.  I wrote my paper on the ethical and legal dilemma’s that occur when a musician covers previously recorded music and what happens when they try to distribute it.  To me, it seems like there are more legal implications than ethical ones from covering a song.  When I hear the word unethical, I think of someone so guilt-ridden that all they can think about is the terrible thing they just did.  More legal problems arise with the U.S. Copyright Office and the court system that can really get a recording artist in trouble.  I think that many people have different views on what is ethical and what is not.  Every person is different but I think it is important to understand how we, as a society, feel about what is ethical.  What do you think?

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