How to Survive the Rest of the Semester

By: Lauren Grimes

Students at Penn State officially have 8 more days of class and that is absolutely crazy!  What is more crazy though, is the amount of work that seems to pile up at the end of the semester.  To date, I have two group projects, two final papers and two final exams to finish by April 30th.  I don’t have any formal exams during exam week so I am even more crunched for time.  Every day it seems like more and more work piles up on the already large work load.  I am pretty good at time management but I am getting very nervous for the amount of work I have left to do during the next 8 days (plus weekends).

I do appreciate that my professors want to ensure that we are calm and stress-free for the next three weeks but I think we need time to make sure we can actually get the work done on time and completed.  So this blog seemed like the perfect forum to give students at Penn State and other Universities tips on how to manage your time and stay stress-free.

1.  Students tend to procrastinate and end up becoming more stressed than they need to be when they rush to get their work done on time.  Making a homework calendar will help keep you on track with the work you have to do and hopefully organize your work load to maintain a stress-free semester.

2.  I know there are times when I have work due (usually two days from that specific day) and although I’d love to get it done early, I am just too tired to complete it.  If that is the case, it is acceptable to take the time to sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to do the work.  If you’re tired but want to go out to party, that may not be the best idea and could put you even further behind in your work.

3.  Make sure you eat a well-balanced and healthy diet.  Fatty foods and carbohydrates will weigh you down and make you more tired.  The saying “An apple a day…” could not be more true.  An apple is also a nice alternative to the caffine in coffee because it will wake you up and won’t upset your stomach.

4.  If all else fails, take some time for yourself and do yoga!  I don’t take enough time to go to a yoga class on a regular basis but I know that if I’m stressed about class, work, life, etc., a good stretch with some calming music always does the trick.

As I am writing this I like I’m preaching a bit but if there is anything that people can take away from actually reading this blog, I feel like I should try to write something helpful.  I hope you take these tips and they make you feel better for the rest of the semester!

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