Beginning to Feel Confident in the Decision of Public Relations

By: Brittany Sykes

Now that graduation is approaching in only a few short weeks, I am confident in my decision to have been a Public Relations major.  After holding a PR internship and being an active member in Happy Valley Communications this past semester, I have grown to truly love the major and am so excited for the life I’m about to begin.  Although I do not have a job yet, I am so thrilled to be able to show my skills in the work force once I start.  After learning the rights and wrongs of Public Relations, I feel much more confident to go out into the world and excel in what I have been taught the past two years.

While I was in high school, I knew I wanted to do something with communications and getting the word out about events and organizations.  I realized that once I began my Comm 471 course and followed with my Comm 473 course, I knew I made the best decision and do not regret it whatsoever.    With the experience of the College of Communications at Penn State, PRSSA, Happy Valley Communications, a solid Public Relations internship, and being Marketing Chair for Penn State Hillel, I have gotten to experience Public Relations in a variety of ways.  Although I have not been successful in everything I’ve done in PR, I know that I will not only grow to learn the correct way of doing things, but I will learn how to do them well.

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