Summertime is Here

By: Taylor Popple
As the school year is winding down and the weather gradually gets warmer, we find ourselves heading home to conquer summer jobs or internships. We hope that there is a possible beach trip or any vacation for that matter, but we tend to our responsibilities first. Remember in grade school when summer was a vacation? There were no worries or commitments to endorse. It was a time of play and relaxation. Ten years later, our summers became more crowded with work. Sure, they started earlier and ended later, but it’s not always a time to enjoy. It has now become a time to work.

During the school year here at Penn State, I haven’t woken up before 11 a.m. or so. Things are going to change. My old habits are becoming more strict, and I can’t skip a day like a class. My internship will require a full eight hours, and I’m sure it will start earlier than 11 a.m. Would I say this is going to be stressful or hard to do? No. I know that all of my work is for a reason- to better a new career. It may take a schedule change for sleep and eating habits, but it’ll totally be worth it. I’m actually excited to have an internship this summer. I feel like an adult. Even though I am 21 old, I only feel like an adult when I accomplish things on my own- when I’m independent.

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